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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.Benjamin Franklin

Books have always fascinated me – but for a long time, they were Science and Engineering books. The 1st book to ignite my ambition was The Greatest Salesman in the World. Another book that really revolutionized my thinking was Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich “. Until I had read those books, I thought that all the great, successful entrepreneurs in this world were born, not made. But after reading those books I realized that all the great ones in all areas of life were made not born.

And the more I read and learn and look at the world around me, the more I find that to be true. Reading Think and Grow Rich was like dipping my toes in the vast pool of knowledge in the world of Entrepreneurship. I was hooked. I started reading voraciously. I saw books as the path to success in Entrepreneurship and in life.

And over the last 5 years, I have read over 1000 books in the field of Business and Personal Development. Over the last couple of years, I have been reading 3 books a month. I love it!

What I love even more than reading a book is breaking down those ideas, connecting them to other ideas and explaining the ideas to others.

As ambitious entrepreneurs, we must a lot and constantly feed our minds with great ideas. If we read 50 books/yr for 40 years of productive life, I endeavor to bring you the most important actionable ideas from the world’s greatest books for ambitious entrepreneurs on a monthly basis. I sincerely hope that you will learn these ideas and use them to build great businesses.

Please keep me posted on how these ideas help your business, if don’t mind, share in Facebook – People love to hear success stories.

Albert BOLD ~ Looking for heroes… be BOLD.

P.D. Because the Mexicans have proven to be Chingones I mean BOLD, the next product coming soon … I do not say goodbye, see you soon.