¿What is BOLD thing?

It is the “inner strength” that guides you to “your passion” in life: What you are destined to achieve in the time of your existence.

In childhood, this force was normal and evident in you. It directed you to activities and themes in accordance with your natural inclinations, which awakened in you a deep and special curiosity.

As the year’s pass, that force appears and disappears as you pay more attention to your parents and partners, to the daily activities that wear you out.

That can be the source of your unhappiness: your lack of contact with who you are and what makes you unique.

Connecting with your passion comes from an inner reflection: knowing who you are and recovering that innate power. Once this is resolved, you will find your vocation and everything else will be clear.

It is never too late to start this process.


Albert BOLD
Looking for Heroes … be BOLD.

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