“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I…
I took the one less traveled by,
and that has made all the difference.”
~ Robert Frost

Beging your Journey

¡this could be you! title=¡this could be you!

¡this could be you!

Don’t settle for average, BECOME GREAT. ~ Vick Vickstrizheus


My name is Alberto GUILLEN, PRO LIFE member of the four percent group, this journey began 10 years ago, in those days the name was the 1k challenge, my goal was to find out if it was possible to make money online, it was a nightmare somehow, dropping money here and there. I lost thousands of dollars trying to discover how to make some money, lastly 8 years after I found a company that promised me I could make 100 dollars just doing advertising online, “to good to be true” you might say, but money began to enter into my bank account, my first 100, 200, 500 hundred dollars online OMG, that was incredible, but the dream was too short, a year later the company declared bankruptcy and I lost almost 10,000 thousand dollars, hard to say but true. Almost 5 years ago a name comes up, Vick Strizheus, what made me pay attention to him was the free training he offered online, very good training for free, I followed him very closely, I realized that this man had something great in his hands, and I’m very sure that it’s the framework that he builded, a Marketing System that prints money like crazy. Last word, a Marketing System is what I was looking for, I wrote that 3 years ago on my report “Mitos y Mentiras del Marketing Multinivel” (Myths and Lies of Network Marketing) – finally I found it, This is the priceless lesson: build your own Marketing System, My Mentor Vick Vickstrizheus show you how, this way and only this way:

The Internet Will Set Us Free!

Albert BOLD
Looking for heroes… be BOLD.

 “Mitos y Mentiras del Mercadeo en Red” 


As BOLDERS, We believe that it is not only our right but our responsibility to master a skill, craft or art that truly delights us and enriches us.


Be the #1

Do not work to be simply BOLD, work to be a LEGEND..

Be the first to end this CHALLENGE and receive recognition.

  • Be the number one #1

    Be the number one #1

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    John Smith
  • Be the number two #2

    Be the number two #2

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    Samantha Jones
  • Be the number three #3

    Be the number three #3

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    Jonathan Gate

be diferent… WIN! and DOMINATE
your WORLD!

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